Five Days in Haverfordwest  Documentary Series

Haverfordwest - an historic town in the heart of Pembrokeshire, it was once one of Wales' busies ports - but what's it like now?
In this five-part series, we spend Five Days in Haverfordwest and show you what life is really like in this lively market town. History, heritage & changing times.
Restoring the past & building a future. It's all coming up as we spend Five Days in Haverfordwest.

Narrated by LISA VICTORIA     Dubbing Mixer MARK FERDA     Online Editor GARETH OWENS     Executive Producer GWENDA RICHARDS
Produced by DAMIAN GEORGE       Filmed, Edited & Directed by CARWYN JONES

'Five Days in Haverfordwest' 'Five Days in Haverfordwest' 'Five Days in Haverfordwest'

A Child's Christmas in Clay                         Takeover TV: Carmarthen
The Bingo Man                                                Five Days in Aberdare
Lampeter Lives                                                Five Days in Haverfordwest
After the Gold Rush                                        Wales' Euro Vision

Old Town, New Lives                                     Five Days in Newport
Pier Pressure                                                  Black Gold, Green Valley
My Secret Wales                                            Puppets, Piers & Penguins
Chris Needs - By Royal Appointment          


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