Old Town, New Lives  Single Documentary

They say – “the story of a town is the story of its people”. Take Newtown, in Mid Wales – thousands of families were drawn to the area by the booming textile industry. Centuries later, Newtown is still a community of old blood and new faces. Jenny has lived here all her life – but that doesn’t make organising the town carnival any easier. There’s Stephen, a horse whisperer who’s moved here so he can talk to the animals – if they’ll listen. And then there’s Mike, who’s swapped the bright lights of London for the lush fields of Wales – but all he really needs, is water. They’re all part of the ebb and flow of country life.

Dubbing Mixer MARK FERDA     Online Editor JON EVERETT     Executive Producer GWENDA RICHARDS

Filmed, Produced & Directed by CARWYN JONES

'Old Town, New Lives' 'Old Town, New Lives' 'Old Town, New Lives'

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