Pier Pressure  Single Documentary

For over a century, the Victoria Pier has stood firm in the waters of Colwyn Bay. 40 feet wide, over 700 feet in length, it was a pleasure palace on the sea – an icon of the North Wales coast. But those glory days are long gone. Now, it needs rescuing. One the man has taken on that challenge: a pier owner with a passion. But these are tough times for the Victoria Pier – and fortunes can rise and fall. This is one year in the life of a building that’s fighting for survival.

Production Associate NATALIE GWYNEDD     Graphic Designer DAVID DICKENSON     Jib Operator JEFF THOMAS
Dubbing Mixer MARK FERDA     Online Editor MARK HARDYMAN     Executive Producer GWENDA RICHARDS

Filmed, Produced & Directed by CARWYN JONES

Pier Pressure' 'Pier Pressure' 'Pier Pressure'

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